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November 2015 CBC Newsletter (pdf download)

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Upcoming events / Hurrengo egitarauak:

    • December 12 (Saturday) / Abenduaren 12a (larunbata): Chino Youth Christmas Parade and Fair, 9 pm to 3 pm. Let Jeanette know if you’re interested in participating / Chinoko eguberriko desfile eta festa, 9etatik 15etara.  Izena eman Jeanette-i parte hartzeko
    • December 20 (Sunday) / Abenduaren 20a (igandea): Christmas party at 12 noon / Eguberriko festa, eguerdiko 12etan
    • December 25 (Friday) / Abenduaren 25a (ostirala): Christmas mass at St. Margaret’s Church, at 10 am / Eguberriko festa, St. Margaret Elizan, 10etan
    • January 24 (Sunday) / Urtarrilaren 24a (igandea): Club lunch at 12 noon / Bazkaria, 12etan


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