41572_183922928662_5991541_n[1]Ongi Etorri—welcome to our website.  Our club was founded in 1968 to promote Basque culture.  One significant moment was the construction of our clubhouse in 1986 making us one of the few Basque clubs with an actual clubhouse, and a focal point for most of our Basque events that are made possible by volunteers who give of their TIME.

chino clubhouseAll TREASURE or financial donations go to two purposes:  infrastructure (keeping this clubhouse up and running) and the promotion of various facets of Basque culture.  To date efforts have included support of mus, pilota, & Euskara instruction; this website; sponsoring an annual memorial mass; regular monthly meals; continued support of our four dance groups and klika; a monthly newsletter; regularly bringing over of entertainers from the Basque Country, an active member in the federation of Basque clubs—the North American Basque Organizations, etc.

scbchorns1x[1]A key dimension of our club is the TALENT of our members—those who cook & clean, paint & build, sing & dance, and generally find ways to help each other in this common cause to keep our traditions alive for future generations.  With your continued support we hope to keep this going strong; we’re the Chino Basque Club:  we do . . .  stuff!

***Major announcements!!***

Unfortunately, Kantaldia/Singing night of December 4th has been canceled due to lack of interest. Check back later for rescheduling.

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